What We Do

The Byron Center Fine Arts Boosters (BCFAB) helps support the fine arts in the Byron Center school district for Kindergarten to the 12th grade.  We help provide resources that the school system is not able to.

Some Examples:

BCFAB help fund Guest Artists that come to come into our schools to provide learning, role models and inspiration to our students.

BCFAB helps sponsor or underwrite fine arts productions.

BCFAB provides help with the supplies and expenses for the elementary, intermediate, middle and high school level fine arts- Choir, Band, Art, Theater,  Orchestra that the school system cannot provide.

BCFAB supports students and parents by helping to meet part of the costs for a student’s private lessons and camps. Please see our Reimbursements tab for more information.

BCFAB does all of the above by holding events and fundraisers that raise money that we in turn roll over to meet the needs of the fine arts program that cannot be met by the school district.  Our main fundraising event is the Craft Show in November.  We also sponsor art events, volunteer to run concessions, have bake sales and more.

BCFAB is an all volunteer organization.  Please support us with your time and talents!